commission time!

ahhh yes. you're interested in me making something for you, huh? explore all of these tabs to figure out what you're looking for. if you have questions about a specific service or have a weird demand or whatever, feel free to shoot me an email over at! i swear i don't bite.


  1. you gotta fill out the correct form (please it makes my life easier)

  2. if your order is confirmed, please pay full amount up front so i can start your order.

  3. please be as detailed as you can! i want to make sure your idea is coming to life properly.

  4. don't be afraid to ask for tweaks and changes! i want you to be happy with the result, too <3

  5. please understand that sometimes i can't get things out as fast as i did in the summer due to me being a full time college student!

methods of payment

please know these are the only methods of payments i accept!

thank you. this specific section means a lot to me.

*click the pay me button on the contact tab