most recent animations are uploaded to youtube.

check out my work!

most recent work; cheyenne’s contribution to the supermega animated collab! (full collab is out now)

"ryan takes a high school girl to prom" animation is cheyenne’s most viral work to date. as of january 2019, it has over 200,000 views. this is featured in supermega's animation playlist, where they pick some of their favorite animations created so far.

"spelling doesn't matter" animation is one of cheyenne’s first fully dedicated animation she’s done. as of january 2019, it has over 100,000 views. it was also added to supermega's animation playlist and it was retweeted and liked by the supermega account on twitter.

most recent fuller animation from july 2018: "ryan's midlife crisis" is short and sweet, but still very detailed. as of january 2019, it has over 10,000 views on youtube.

the "please turn off your cell phone" animation was cheyenne’s submission for michigan movie theater chain, emagine, for their "hush reel" contest. they put it in the top 20 and then eventually runner up. (here are a few news articles that mention cheyenne: one two three four)

stills from cheyenne’s animated work